Patient support, wellness, and advocacy program


At River’s Edge Pharmacy, we realize that wellness is not limited to doctor visits and medications. Which is why we partner directly with our greatest stakeholders – our patients.

PATH - Patient Healthcare and Wellness Program by River's Edge Pharmacy

About P.A.T.H. – Patient Healthcare and Wellness Program by River’s Edge Pharmacy

River’s Edge Pharmacy is passionate about improving patient therapy outcome in order to achieve long-term transformation. The Patient Wellness, Support, and Advocacy Program established by River’s Edge Pharmacy aims to accomplish this by working one on one with patients as they navigate through the complex worlds of insurance, therapy, and medication.

Patient Healthcare and Wellness Program by River's Edge Pharmacy

River’s Edge Pharmacy understands the difficulties faced by patients when confronted with a serious health diagnosis. By educating patients on their illness and treatment, the Patient Healthcare and Wellness Program bridges the gap between patients and their treating specialist. This comprehensive, patient-centric approach to treatment awareness makes each appointment more effective, and ensures positive treatment outcomes.

Through individual and group meetings, patients are provided with in-depth education, advice, and guidance as they navigate the complex world of specialty healthcare. This innovative program is provided exclusively by River’s Edge Pharmacy, and is completely free for patients.

The program utilizes the benefits of connecting patients through group meetings that take place inside River’s Edge facilities, as well as virtually through any digital device.

By providing education, advice, and assistance, patients gain a better understanding of their condition and treatment as they traverse through their journey of therapy.


Studies indicate patients are not prepared to ask the right questions and are reluctant to share their concerns with their SPECIALISTS.

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Why P.A.T.H – Patient Healthcare and Wellness Program by River’s Edge Pharmacy is important:

I needed real information. My kids kept using Google to give me answers. It didn’t make sense.

After going through treatment, I need ongoing support. This will be with me for the rest of my life.

In the beginning, all I did was think about going to doctor’s appointments. I forgot about living.

I felt alone in the beginning. I didn’t want to talk about it to my friends or family.

PATH - Patient Healthcare and Wellness Program by River's Edge Pharmacy


  • 100% FREE
  • Disease-specific education
  • Online HIPAA-compliant therapy tracking platform
  • Counseling and coaching
  • Streamlined for time-saving appointments


Patient Healthcare and Wellness Program by River's Edge Pharmacy


  • 100% FREE – No additional costs or fees to patients
  • Continuous one-on-one communication to encourage patient treatment adherence
  • Detailed explanation of patient’s illness and treatment
  • Compassionate assessment of patient’s needs upon initial treatment
  • In-person patient community engagement and wellness activities with virtual support groups to accomodate patients who need to remain at home
  • Buddy systems for sharing of patient personal success stories and advice
  • Online, HIPAA-compliant platform for monitoring patient activities and progress
  • Up-to-the-minute information and news in the world of healthcare
Patient Healthcare and Wellness Program by River's Edge Pharmacy


The P.A.T.H. Program by River’s Edge Pharmacy lifts the workload from you and your staff by offering innovative patient care solutions, along with the support and resources you need to manage the therapy regimens of your patients:

  • Lift the burden of answering questions by serving as a liaison between patients and specialists
  • Productive and meaningful appointments by educating patients with the right questions to ask
  • Ensuring patient treatment adherance
  • Providing patients with factual medical information about their disease and treatment
  • Improved quality-of-life measures which are specific to your patients

P.A.T.H. – Health and Wellness Wheel for Chronic Conditions

PATH Wellness Wheel by River's Edge Pharmacy
By utilizing trusted sources, patients understand what is occurring during their treatment and are better equipped to deal with their condition(s) and their outcomes.
Stronger patient-doctor bonds lead to successful treatment outcomes. Patients who partner with their doctors have a higher sense of autonomy, leading to successful treatment outcomes. By logging symptoms related to their conditions and bringing a detailed list of concerns and questions to each appointment, patients become more comfortable with their prescribing specialists. This maximizes the efficiently of each appointment.
Patients can now utilize other healthcare practitioners beyond their doctor. By adding nurses, physical therapists, nutritionists, and other appropriate health professionals, patients have a well-rounded team to create wellness.
Patients need to maintain their primary care while exploring other specialists. Patients are encouraged to coordinate with friends and family to attend appointments as an extra set of eyes and ears.
Patients who invest in their own health and wellness are rewarded by feeling physical and emotionally better. Personal investment into health and wellness include exploring methods of better sleep, adjusting nutrition accordingly, and appropriate exercise, along with numerous other modalities provided by the P.A.T.H. Program by finding ways to improve sleep, nutrition, and exercise are rewarded from feeling physically and emotionally better to longevity.
Humans do not thrive alone. This is particularly true for patients, and they should not be along alone when managing a life-changing diagnosis. When patients create a support network comprised of members who have a vested interest in the patient, the outcomes are far greater than when the patient is alone. Family and friends also experience a “trickle-down” effect when they see their loved ones achieving their goals.
Fluctuating emotions pertaining to a life-changing diagnosis are normal. In order to combat these feelings, patients need to be aware of the signs of clinical depression, along with whom to contact when experiencing them. The P.A.T.H Program by River’s Edge Pharmacy has forged countless relationship with medical professionals in order to help patients who are facing depression.
Patients with more than one chronic conditions need help with managing multiple medications, along with their infusion schedules and doctor appointments. Patients must always carry a list of medications with them. In order to prevent non-adherence and noncompliance, we help patients remain on schedule with their medications through alerts and reminders, along with preparing them with pre-appointment checklists.

Important Terminology

Education is imperative for patients as they embark upon their path to wellness, and begins with understanding certain terms.  

Below is a list of commonly used phrases and definitions to help patients along their journey:

Patient Communities are groups in which patients with similar diagnosis/treatment come together to share their experiences, knowledge, and offer support. These communities are aimed at making patients feel less lonely by letting them know there are others who have the same diagnosis/treatment. Through practical feedback from other patients, members of these community groups become empowered and motivated to manage chronic conditions and not waver from their treatment plans.
Energy Budgeting

Energy Budgeting is similar to financial budgeting. With money budgeting, you first pay the basic and most important bills for (ie: rent/mortgage, utilities, food, healthcare, etc.).  Next, you save the remaining money for a later time/date in the future (ie: special events, vacation, investments, etc.)

Most patients with a life-changing diagnosis experience and change in their energy. For this reason, the practice of Energy Budgeting was created by River’s Edge Pharmacy and provides patients with tools and methods to effectively allocate and distribute their energy. Energy budgeting is a great tool for everyone but becomes crucial for patients with chronic diseases.

Energy Budgeting Example:

1. Using your energy toward the basics as appropriate to you:
• Personal health and wellness
• Work/career
• Family/friends/pets
• Household chores

2. Engage in activities that increase energy to gain extra “dollars” appropriate to your condition:
• Exercise
• Good nutrition
• Hobbies
• Alone time

Energy Budgeting Scenario #1: A dinner engagement with friends/family, which may be draining for you.

Which portion of your energy can you save/budget?
• Skip house chores
• Take an afternoon off from work
• Plan a nap prior to the engagement, and schedule rest the following day
• Ask someone for help with basics

Energy Budgeting Scenario#2: An upcoming weekend get-away which will involves traveling a site-seeing:

Which portion of your energy can you save/budget?
• Begin packing days/weeks ahead
• Schedule extra rest before and after
• Schedule rest during your get-away
• Plan ahead for meals and activities

 With financial budgeting and energy budgeting, it’s safe to expect the unexpected – and perfectly normal to fall short on both. The key is to get back on track. As a patient, if you feel drained of energy, remember that resting is productive.  Studies indicate that daily 20 – 30 minutes of napping and no distractions (phone calls, technology, television, books, etc.) provide an energy boost for patients who are managing chronic diseases.

Noncompliance and Non-Adherence

Patient noncompliance and non-adherence are two common causes that contribute to the failure of therapy. P.A.T.H.’s approach to combatting noncompliance and non-adherance involves regular coaching and monitoring of progress to ensure patients remain on track.

Noncompliance: A general term used to describe a patient’s deliberate or intentional refusal to follow the provider’s orders. Reasons include (but are not limited to):

• Personal health and wellness
• Work/career
• Family/friends/pets
• Household chores

Non-Adherence: A general term used to describe a patient’s unintentional refusal to follow the provider’s orders. Reasons include (but are not limited to):

• Fear
• Too many medications to manage
• Lack of symptoms
• Cognitive limitations
• Worry
• Lack of knowledge of benefits of therapy/medication

Overlap between noncompliance and non-adherence:

• Depression
• Substance abuse
• Cost of treatment
• Lack of accurate knowledge regarding patient’s disease
• Social support

The PATH program centers all its efforts around the patient, and tailors the outcomes to his/her specific needs. The unique approach to patient empowerment comes from the personalized care and support to enhance the patient’s social, emotional, and physical health, followed by regular monitoring and updates.
Patient-Doctor Partnership
Through disease/treatment literacy, along with in-depth explanation of clinical terminologies, PATH arms patients with the right questions to ask their doctors. This preparedness makes each visit more efficacious by providing better clarity on what to expect, and forges stronger relationships between the patients and their doctors. This partnership also helps doctors know how to better advocate on the behalf of the patients.
A patient’s overall state of good mental, physical, and psychological health – regardless of condition(s), – which is achieved through practicing daily healthy habits that are appropriate for their disease. Using the online therapy monitoring platform, patients are able to accomplish wellness goals and track their progress, while being provided with guidance on their specific condition(s). PATH’s objective is to increase the patient’s ability to enjoy normal life activities, regardless of treatment.


In order to further assit patients with their therapy, the P.A.T.H. Program provides an online, HIPAA-Compliant treatment tracking platform.  This platform provides patients with the ability to input their progress and share with their specialty provider.  Features include (but are not limited to) :

  • Symptom Tracker for logging daily indications pertaining to their dianosis and treatment, including:
    • Quality of sleep
    • Appetite
    •  Level of pain
    • Fatigue
    • Concentration
  • Activity Tracker for logging activities and outcomes being used to achieve total wellness, including:
    • Personal hygiene
    • Eating schedules
    • Daily chores
    • Financial management

This platform complies with all HIPAA mandates, and is provided completely free to patients.

River’s Edge Pharmacy offers a robust 340B program to covered entities
To learn more about the Patient Healthcare and Wellness Program by River’s Edge Pharmacy, please fill out the form below. All fields are required. Your information is never shared or sold.
Jennifer "Lizzie" MacDonald,  Patient Care Manager

Jennifer “Lizzie” MacDonald, Patient Care Manger
– River’s Edge Pharmacy Patient Healthcare and Wellness Program

About Jennifer “Lizzie” MacDonald, Patient Care Manger – River’s Edge Pharmacy Patient Healthcare and Wellness Program

When Lizzie was diagnosed with a rare neuro-immune disease in 2016, her life was turned upside down. Lizzie lost a career she loved and had to sell her home. And after being a long-distance, multi-mile hiker, Lizzie was unable to walk, despite the assistance of a walker. She was lost in depression and hopelessness.

When Lizzie thinks back to the day she went paralyzed, she remembers the intense fear. She eventually found the inner strength to manage her disease, and realized she needed to advocate for more medical answers to help other patients in her situation. As Lizzie’s ailments increased, she learned to effectively interact with multiple medical specialists – forcing her to navigate the uncertain healthcare system.

Adhering to over two years of immune globulin infusions, excellent nutrition, and appropriate exercise for her conditions, Lizzie has smashed through physical barriers that should be impossible. She is now back out hiking in the mountains she loves with assistive devices.

Through her years of first-hand experiences, she has gained a deep understanding of what day-to-day life was like for patients with immune-compromised diseases. Lizzie has empowered innumerable patients to take charge of their health by adhering to their medication therapy. Additionally, Lizzie has worked with countless health professionals and specialists who have shared their clinical insight into patient treatment.

“There is more to life than being a patient,” says Lizzie. “By committing to medication regimens, energy budgeting, and being fully educated on their diagnosis and treatment, patients realize that wellness is within reach.  They just need the proper guidance.”

Experiencing life through the lens of a patient as well as a health professional has given Lizzie a unique approach to patient therapy, and now oversees River’s Edge Pharmacy’s Patient Healthcare and Wellness Program. Lizzie is living passion for life

Lizzie has a professional background in grant writing, motivational speaking, counseling, social work, and spent two years as a foster parent.


River's Edge Pharmacy proudly displays the URAC, ACHC, and NABP Accreditations as they demonstrate their commitment to quality healthcare services.