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Hemophilia is a rare disorder that is complex to diagnose and to manage. It’s an outcome of either a genetic or acquired deficiency that leads to bleeding. There are two types of factor deficiencies most commonly caused by FVIII deficiency (hemophilia A) or FIX deficiency (hemophilia B). And because the clotting factor cascade maintains a balance between thrombosis and bleeding, those patients with inherited or acquired deficiencies in the various clotting factors are at increased risk of bleeding. During treatment, Inhibitor development could happen, which is antibodies that neutralize the hemostatic effects of exogenous or endogenous factors, is one of the main complications in the treatment of hemophilia. Therefore, factor replacement therapy became essential in treating or preventing bleeding in patients with clotting factor deficiencies, from genetic causes such as hemophilia. Advances in purifying and treating human plasma and the advent of recombinant technology have greatly increased the availability and variety of factor products.

Comprehensive care plan is required to promote the health and quality of life of people with hemophilia include:

  • Prompt management of acute bleeding episodes
  • Prevention of bleeding and joint damage
  • Management of complications including
    • Joint and muscle damage and other sequelae of bleeding
    • Inhibitor development
    • Viral infection(s) transmitted through blood products
  • Attention to psychosocial health
  • Dental care and management
  • Vaccination


Von Willebrand disease is caused by a qualitative or quantitative defect in VWF. Von Willebrand factor is a multimeric glycoprotein that binds collagen at the site of vascular injury and is involved in platelet adhesion and aggregation. Von Willebrand factor also binds circulating FVIII, protecting it from degradation and prolonging its half-life. A deficiency in functional VWF contributes to bleeding tendency.


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