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PIDDs – Primary Immune Deficiency Diseases

In order to help you better understand PIDDs, River’s Edge Pharmacy has provided this webpage as resource. Here you will learn what PIDDs is, its indications, its diagnosis, and treatment methods.


PIDDs is short for primary immune deficiency diseases. These are rare genetic disorders that impair the immune system and affect approximately 500,000 people in the united states.

For people with PIDDs – or pi – infections may be common, severe, long-lasting, or hard to cure – even with the use of antibiotics. But once correctly diagnosed and treated, people with PIDDs can live full and active lives. Some forms of primary immunodeficiency are so mild they can go unnoticed for years. Other types are severe enough to be discovered soon after an affected baby is born.


  1. Recurring, unusual, or infections that are difficult to treat
  2. Recurring pneumonia, ear infections, or sinusitis
  3. Recurring viral infections, such as colds, herpes, warts, and condyloma.
  4. Recurring need for intravenous antibiotics to clear infections
  5. Recurring deep abscesses of the skin or internal organs
  6. Persistent thrush or fungal infections on the skin or elsewhere
  7. Infections with normally harmless tuberculosis-like bacteria
  8. Family history of PIDDs


An immunologist will perform a comprehensive immune evaluation that may include a detailed medical history, a physical exam, blood tests, and vaccines to test the response of your immune system.
There is a few ways to treat PIDDs. One way is through the use of antibiotics and other anti-infective agents. This method addresses current infections, and attempts to prevent future infections.
Another way to treat PIDDs is to boost the body’s natural immune system with the help of immunoglobulin – or ig – replacement therapy.
You’re probably wondering “what, exactly is immunoglobulin replacement therapy?”
Immunoglobulins are disease-fighting proteins – also known as antibodies – which fight infections inside the body. Immunoglobulin replacement therapy is simply when these disease-fighting proteins are replaced. This is usually done through a needle during an infusion session.


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