By RE Pharmacy

RE Pharmacy’s Second Quarter off-site sales meeting was held on July 18th, 2019. The meeting gave the sales teams a glimpse into what is currently in the works at RE, and what to expect in the upcoming months. The overarching message of the meeting was the importance of teamwork and achieving a common goal through effective leadership. And there was no better location to encourage goal achievement than at K1 Speed in Irvine, CA. K1 Speed has become known for hosting corporate events, with group activities held in high-energy, interactive environments.

Opening the meeting was RE Pharmacy’s President, Thomas Leffler, along with Director of Sales, Mark Ramsey. Margarita Turner, Director of Reimbursements, Intake, and Collections spoke on behalf of the Operations and Pharmacy Teams. Margarita shared new methods of medication fulfillment from the point of intake through delivery. Part of these new methods was the use of CuroRX – RE Pharmacy’s all-in-one mobile platform that bridges the gap between doctors, patients, and pharmacists.

“The response to CuroRX has been astonishing. Doctors [and their staff] have found it extremely useful as part of their day-to-day responsibilities. [They] love the fact that is easy to use, fast, and HIPAA compliant. I’m pretty impressed with the feedback I’ve received.”

Shelly Avila

Regional Sales Director, RE Pharmacy

Next, Krissy Kaylor of Play Maker Health joined via live web feed to demonstrate new features of the platform. Play Maker is a leading CRM that specializes in delivering comprehensive and current claims data, including Medicare Parts A and B, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and Commercial.

Krissy is the Senior Consultant and Trainer of Play Maker Health. Through an interactive walk-through, Krissy took the team though a step-by-step training of PlayMaker EDGE’s new tools including performance reports, account management, patient reporting, and claim reports.

“As sales people, you will be using the mobile platform the most,” said Krissy during her presentation. “But it’s important to know how the mobile and desktop platforms work together to provide the same easy and important features.”

As part of RE Pharmacy’s commitment to teamwork and leadership, the Marketing Department put together a fun activity for the sales team. “The Marshmallow Challenge” may sound like a game for children. But don’t let the name fool you.  It has been used by countless educational institutions as well as Fortune 500 companies to demonstrate the importance of communication, resource allocation, time deadlines, and problem solving.

Here’s how it goes: Using only 20 sticks of uncooked spaghetti, 3 feet of yarn, 3 feet of tape, and one marshmallow, each team is instructed to construct the tallest free-standing structure on a flat table within a period of 15 minutes. The materials can be used in anyway, and not all materials need to be used. When finished, the winning structure must have the complete marshmallow at the top and remain upright for the longest amount of time without the assistance of the team members.  

Sounds easy enough. But here are some interesting facts about the Marshmallow challenge, as reported by Tom Wujec:

The group of participants who did the worst during this challenge were MBA graduates. The reason: They have been instructed to plan – almost to a point over overplanning.  Ultimately, they ran out of time.

The group of participants who came in “second place” where managers and CEO’s. The reason: They are accustomed to solving problems in a group setting, and delegating responsibilities accordingly. The second group that did well during this project was structural engineers (thankfully). The reason is obvious.

The group of participants who did the best was kindergarteners. The reason: Kids don’t know what they don’t know. They jump right into assembling the structure using “iterative building” – fearless of failure. To the kids, “tall” has no real meaning or defined number. They simply made their structures taller than the rest.

The winner’s RE’s Marshmallow Challenge were Sherehan Salib, Mireille Hakim, and George Ibrahim. 

The meeting ended with races around K1’s speed tracks. RE sales reps and staff members tried to outdo each other around the quarter-mile race tracks in European-engineered, eco-friendly, minimal-noise go-karts. These 20-horsepower, electric go-karts can reach 45 miles per hour in a blink of an eye – the fastest in the industry.  In the end, first place was given to RE Pharmacy’s HR Director Garrick Hock, whose best lap time was 24.308 seconds. (Yay Garrick!)

The next off-site sales meeting for RE Pharmacy will be announced soon. Stay tuned!